Welcome to the LSU Center for GeoInformatics (C4G) and Louisiana Spatial Reference Center (LSRC). The C4G was formed in 2001 to build new research and services in Geodesy and GeoInformatics. Over the years, LSU’s C4G has been instrumental to the State of Louisiana; and exposure provided by the Center’s data has offered critical information for infrastructure elevation and roadway assessment.

The C4G is the vanguard for providing and ensuring an accurate, precise, and consistent geographic reference framework for the State. Sustainability is dependent on the maintenance of this framework; the foundation of engineering design, that supports the University’s long-term strategic vision to advance scientific and technological research, innovation, and economic development in Louisiana. The C4G within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering provides a solid positional foundation for Louisiana through its statewide network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS), which Louisiana adopted as the official vertical control standard for the State.

The C4G is the Louisiana Spatial Reference Center (LSRC)  partnering with NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS), to support the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), to provide a comprehensive framework that serves as the foundation for transportation, communication; mapping, charting and GIS development, detailed topographic mapping, precision farming, navigation, and other geospatial applications; and a multitude of scientific, engineering, and agricultural applications in Louisiana. The C4G strives to utilize the positional data collected over time to produce an exceptional level of research and service to the State for mitigating the hazards attributed to subsidence and continues to provide access to accurate positions, technical leadership, and training. 

George Z. Voyiadjis, D.Eng.Sc.,
Director - Center for GeoInformatics
Chairman - LSU Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering