Who is C4G
The LSU Center for GeoInformatics is the home of the Louisiana Spatial Reference Center; creator and host of Louisiana's NGS CORS network. LSU created C4G to focus on research and services in Geodesy and GeoInformatics; as a result C4G has established Louisiana's only Statewide GPS/GNSS Real-Time Network, C4GNet which is entirely funded by subscribers to the RTN.
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Get CORS Data
Louisiana CORS data comes from C4G and C4G is not Shutdown!
What is C4G
Our research is multifaceted using technology to acquire, analyze and visualize spatial data.
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uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geography, cartography, geosciences and related branches of science and engineering.
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Only on C4Gnet.XYZ
C4G launches new tools "Positioning Louisiana for the Future"
Visit the C4Gnet.XYZ Portal
Geodesy is the core
of our work at C4G, Geodesy deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth.
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Real Time Network
with full GPS and GLONASS coverage throughout the statewide network
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Statewide Precision Ag
Made possible by C4G and the C4Gnet Real-Time Network!
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Geostatistical Modeling
helping to visualize vulnerablities in coastal Louisiana
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  • Who is C4G
  • Get CORS Data
  • What is C4G
  • GeoInformatics
  • Only on C4Gnet.XYZ
  • Geodesy is the core
  • Real Time Network
  • Statewide Precision Ag
  • Geostatistical Modeling

C4G is proud to have partnerships with these organizations and agencies.