C4G now has HTTP as well as anonymous FTP access to raw data from most of the CORS sites in Louisiana and our partner sites along the gulf coast. To access CORS data by HTTP, go to http://CORS.LSU.EDU with your browser or by FTP @ ftp://cors.lsu.edu:8021/ or in your FTP client at the following settings.

Host: cors.lsu.edu

FTP Port: 8021

Login Type: Anonymous

Note: raw CORS data is used in geodesy post-processing tools like Trimble Business Center, Leica Geo Office and Topcon Tools. GIS data collected autonomously can also be differentially corrected against raw CORS data in software tools like Trimble Pathfinder Office.

Contact your GNSS dealer if you need help setting up a connection to the C4G CORS FTP server or need details on the tools necessary to post-process GNSS data.