C4GNet RTN Automatic Rover Fail Over System!

In an effort to deliver the most robust Real Time Network end user experience, C4G has implemented a redundant system of Global Load Balancers that automatically switch RTN users over to the equipment providing the best quality of service. C4G has maintained primary and backup servers for years but end users have always had to switch the hostname manually in their rover settings. With the new Always On redundant global load balancing system a rover simply needs to set the RTN hostname to C4GNET.XYZ and the DNS servers will direct the connection to the primary or secondary global load balancer based on weighting and availability. The global load balancers continuously monitor the quality of service at the NTRIP servers and pass the rover off to the primary or secondary NTRIP server based on quality of service and availability. The RTN Always On system is currently online and C4G encourages all clients that want to take advantage of this new improved fail-over feature to switch their host address C4GNET.XYZ to take advantage of the robustness of C4GNet's Always On RTN